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Spring Madness Cup 2019 Tournament

Take advantage of this Great Value Tournament.

TOURNAMENT DATES: March 23-24, 2019


2010-09 $400, 2008-2007 $495, 2006-2005 $595

We are now accepting applications. Register online at

Make a secure online payment or mail your check after you register!


March 15, 2019


3 Games guaranteed

Awards 1st - 2nd place teams

Games will be played at Montebello, La Puente, Irwindale, Ontario  A plus fields.

3 refs at all U-12 -U-14 Games

NO Friday Check In. Check In will be one hour before the first game!

Point of Contact:

Al Chavez - Tournament Director 626-652-9224


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

About Us:

Based out of Los Angeles, California; Spartans FC Is a competitive soccer club that is committed to the development, and growth of our soccer players. Spartans FC’s experienced coaches use innovative training methods designed to effectively enhance the physical, and mental abilities of our soccer players. Just like Spartans of ancient times we value Integrity, Commitment, and Courage on and off the soccer field.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a healthy, competitive environment that will challenge our athletes to become highly skilled soccer players, and citizens. Our training techniques aim to teach our soccer players hard work, team work, and to help them achieve their highest potential of skill in competitive soccer. 

Unprivileged Kids In Sports (DONATE NOW)

Dear Sponsor: Spartans Futbol Club was founded in 2005 in an effort to provide a top quality Soccer Club for boys and girls under the ages of 8 through 18, who reside in Montebello, with player from Pico Rivera, El Monte, and San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, County CA. The Club plays in the US Club Soccer/Basset Youth Soccer League, Cal South and Coast Soccer League which is considered under the top ten youth leagues in Southern California and, by many, in the nation. Many of the children/players who participate in the club come from under-privileged families and cannot afford to pay the annual fee of approximately $1400.00 per player. This annual cost covers uniforms, league registrations, tournaments, field permits, referees, and training. As a result, the club relies heavily on sponsors, donations and fundraising to support its shortcomings and to provide opportunities to players that would otherwise, not be able to play. Sponsors have always been an integral part of team accomplishments and participation of successful events. It is our hope to receive sponsorships to attain our goal of being successful soccer players with the hopes of obtaining scholarships in achieving a college education. All donations to SpartansF.C are tax deductible as we are a non-profit youth soccer educational organization. We appreciate your time and kind consideration. We hope you will find a way to contribute to this fine team’s high soccer ideals and join in celebrating their successful achievements. Sincerely, Spartans F.C tax ID # 37-1566835

LA Sports Today Sobre Gallos Blancos USA

La responsabilidad de quienes dirigen una institución de carácter formativo e institucional tienen que ser un gran ejemplo para nuestra comunidad,que orgullo que nuestro fútbol del Sur de California cuenta con personas comprometidas con nuestra niñez y juventud.Jose Luis Cerna y Alvaro Chavez mas directivos como ellos en nuestras canchas por favor!

Alvaro Chavez y Todd Saldana,hoy el fútbol en el sur de california ha ganado mucho prestigio al contar con entrenadores responsables como el profesor Alvaro,es importante mencionar que Chavez tiene su cargo uno de los clubs mas sobresalientes de las categorías infantiles y juveniles,Los Los Angeles Football Club y sus nuevos aliados.

Sergio ChaidezAlvaro Chavez, y Todd Saldana el fútbol infantil se construye cada día y se constituye y fortalece con nuevas alianzas como las que hoy ofrece Los Angeles Football Club,participa en el primer torneo organizado oficialmente por el nuevo equipo de la MLS

Spartans FC Fan Store

Spartans FC Fan Store  where players and parents can buy club memorabilia please click the Squadlocker tag to place your orders

Sus Inicios fueron con Guerrreros Aztecas y no fue hasta el 2005 que con Spartans F.C su vida activa en el futbol toma un nuevo giro,Hoy,por hoy y siempre Alvaro Chavez es un símbolo de nuestro fútbol organizado e independiente,títulos en State Cup,Torneos Nacionales,grandes logros en el 2016,4 títulos de la California State Cup y finalista 5 veces en la misma hacen de este Orgulloso Salvadoreño oriundo de Quetzaltepec un referente y voz autorizada de Nuestro Fútbol Amateur y semi Profesional.
Actualmente es el Presidente de Spartan FC y Director de las Academias Queretaro FC USA con una responsabilidad enorme de guiar a los mas de 800 niños a su cargo que juegan en los 47 equipos bajo una administración en sociedad con distintos sectores de la comunidad,un hombre con una excelente reputación y con el enorme deseo de dar a nuestra niñez un mundo mejor a travez del fútbol.

Articulo sobre Spartans FC

Un gran entrenador es un gran motivador. Interpretar los valores hechos en casa y fusionarlos individualmente dentro de un grupo, dentro de un equipo, no es una tarea fácil. HACER EQUIPO NO ES NADA FACIL. Son muchos elementos y cuando al fin estos coinciden, armonizan, con la responsabilidad y la entrega, el fútbol se vuelve mucho mas fácil. Los goles llegan, las victorias llegan, los resultados llegan. Spartans FC es un club ejemplar. Para más información sobre sus proyectos y programas usted puede contactarles al teléfono: 626- 652-9224 Hay muchos sueños por cumplir!

Alvaro Chavez

Alvaro Chavez


Phone: 626-652-9224

Edwin Carballo

Edwin Carballo

Vice President and Club Administrator

Phone: 562-641-3103


    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

    Sponsored by SOCCER WORLD


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    Soccer World has you covered for all your soccer needs!

    2146 Durfee Ave

    El Monte, CA 91733

    (626) 652-9924

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    Sponsored by Local Sponsor

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